As the number of people owning smart devices exponentially grows year to year (54%) , a mobile phone has become the single most important device that runs our lives. We use them to stay in touch, make payments, schedule meetings or simply watch the latest youtube video.

Therefore it is becoming critical for companies and institutions to work mobile-centric solutions into their operations and in so doing meet their customers’ needs in a more convenient, efficient and accurate way.

At Xibra digital, we bring together our creative minds, guided by hard data to develop mobile solutions to enable our clients to reinvent their businesses for the next generation of consumers that is mobile-centric.

Our Apps


Musawo (*doctor) is a medical application that connects a patient to the healthcare provider so that everyone can be on the same page as far as the patients care is concerned. It has been on pilot study since 2015 in three health facilities around Uganda. It will be an affordable option for health facilities to digitally track their patients progress.

Air Uganda

Developed for the Airline carrier before it went under, our application enabled consumers to purchase their tickets directly from their phones without the need for sending messy USSD codes. Our interactive design made it easy for clients to schedule their next holiday

MTN Assistant

The MTN assistant is a productivity app that eliminates the need to remember USSD codes by presenting an interactive interface where accessing a service is just 2 taps. Our application was developed from the physiological understanding that customers are likely to impulsively spend more on a service if the purchase decision process is simplified.